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About Helping Hands MB

Helping Hands MB is a Florida Non-Profit in Miami Beach that evolved out of a community service project conceived in April 2019 by Jonathan Tamen, then Captain of his school’s FIRST Robotics team, the MiamiBeachBots. Jonathan asked the Mayor and City Commissioners to sponsor the STEAM+ project idea to mentor low-income elementary students in fun coding and robotics classes. The project was a huge success, bringing accolades from the Mayor, school principals, teachers, and parents, and most importantly all students, showing how important it is for the project to continue and expand.

In May 2020, Jonathan and his brother David received a Call for Kindness award from the Riley’s Way Foundation, with a $3,000 grant for their proposal to launch Helping Hands MB and a chapter of the e-NABLE (Enabling the Future) engineering charity. Helping Hands MB is the first e-NABLE Community Chapter in Miami. 

David leads the effort for the Prosthetic Hands Project / e-NABLE Chapter and 3D Printing Club at Miami Beach Senior High. He was certified by e-NABLE to make an adult and a child-sized prosthetic hand and forearm and now teaches 3D printing to classmates and Scouts of America, Troop 65, where he is Senior Patrol Leader and an Eagle Scout candidate. Classmates and Scouts are helping to assemble the prosthetics that are being utilized by a clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Jonathan leads the other efforts of Helping Hands MB, which strives to create a community of students with kindness and empathy, to stop divisions and hate of differing backgrounds and personal identity, and instead create a supportive and compassionate future.  ​

Our Board


Jonathan Tamen



David Tamen

1st Vice President of Engineering


Lara Gomez

2nd Vice President of Business


Paola Cedeno

3rd Vice President of Outreach


Angiolo McCardle

Build Officer


Justin Sharmat

Financial Officer


Luisa Massasso

Marketing Officer

Our Logo

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Old Logo

New Logo

In December 2021, Helping Hands MB rebranded our logo. We wanted a logo that represented the full extent of our mission, outreach, and impact. Thus, we revised our old logo (left) into the new logo (right).


We wanted to keep the same ideal of a single person reaching out their hand to help someone else, a helping hand, but instead wanted to change the receiver from an amputee to the entire world. Our impact and outreach have reached a national and global scale across the United States and into other countries, such as Haiti. In addition, the extent of our projects extends beyond Prosthetic Hands, despite that being our original intention. We also wanted to represent our group's diversity in our logo, as kindness and support towards someone else is not limited to people of white skin tone.  

This new logo better highlights our core ideal to show kindness and empathy by giving a helping hand to others, implies the true extent of our global impact and outreach, and represents our focus on diversity and inclusion.